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Animal MRIs
Brain Tumors in Dogs and Cats (NC State)
Cancer affecting the brain is not uncommon in older dogs and cats, although the need for advanced imaging of the brain (such as magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI) in order to detect a brain tumor means that they frequently go undiagnosed. There is also a concerning trend for brain tumors to arise in young dogs […] Read more >
What happens after the scan? Within 24 hours, your referring veterinarian will receive a written radiology report from our board certified veterinary radiologist. If your referring veterinarian has requested a STAT read they will have verbal image interpretation within an hour of the scan. Many of our regularly referring veterinarians at out patient centers as […] Read more >
“What happens during the MRI appointment?” A typical MRI takes approximately 1-2 hours from patient arrival to departure. Once you arrive you will have a consultation with our veterinary anesthesiologist. Your pets will then be anesthetized and admitted to the MRI. The MRI scan itself will last approximately 30-45 minutes. Once the scan is complete, […] Read more >
“How should I prepare my pet for the MRI appointment?” Veterinary MRI is an anesthetic procedure, so AnimalScan has board certified anesthesiologists at our flagship locations to safely oversee all of the MRI procedures. As with any general anesthesia, the patient should not eat ANYTHING after their last regular evening meal. Patients may have water […] Read more >
MRI Safety & Your Pets
MRI Safety & Your Pets Amazing technological breakthroughs have brought about advances in veterinary care that even a few years ago would never be considered viable. One of the most important diagnostic tools that veterinarians have in their arsenals is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).  MRI is an advanced, noninvasive procedure that uses powerful magnets and […] Read more >
Understanding MR Imaging for Your Pet
A Burgeoning Demand Americans spend $11.1 billion annually on animal care — a staggering figure, for sure, but one which illustrates pet owners’ devotion to their four-legged family members. And while pet owners want the best In veterinary treatment for their companion animals, no one wants to subject Fido or Tabby to face surgery, harmful […] Read more >
Veterinary MRI: Protecting Your Pet and Pocketbook
As one of the first Veterinary MRI Outpatient companies; AnimlScan has performed around 30,000 scans and has more collective experience than any veterinary MRI facility in the country. We have perfected our scans to maximize patient imaging and minimize anesthesia, which we believe creates a safer experience. While MRI comes at a cost, there are […] Read more >