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Why does my pet need an MRI?
How much does an MRI cost?
How do I schedule an MRI Exam for my pet?
How should I prepare my pet for the MRI appointment?
What happens during the MRI appointment?
What happens after the scan?

Why does my pet need an MRI?

MRI is a highly technical and complex imaging modality that enables
AnimalScan Board Certified-Radiologists to view the soft tissue structures more accurately than other more common and less complex modalities such as X-ray and CT. Common regions of imaging include; brain, spinal cord, sinus cavities, joints, muscles, abdomen and lungs. Because MRI is such a complex imaging modality, AnimalScan employs ARRT Technologists who are certified in the human medical field to properly operate the MRI to its full diagnostic capacity.

Our ARRT Technologists, in conjunction with our board certified veterinary anesthesiologists and radiologists, make sure we get all of the information your referring veterinarian needs to safely and accurately diagnose and treat your pet.

​How much does an MRI cost?

The costs of MRI include: anesthesia consultation and anesthesia by our board certified veterinary anesthesiologists, MRI Scan by ARRT registered technologist, image interpretation and a written radiology report by our board certified veterinary radiologists. Scan costs differ by number of regions scanned and other additional requests such as STAT reads. For more information please contact your local AnimalScan.

​How do I schedule an MRI Exam for my pet?

Your primary care veterinarian or specialist will contact AnimalScan to make the referral and forward the information we need to properly prepare for your pet’s arrival and scan. Once we have the necessary information, you can reach us on-line or over the phone to schedule your pet’s appointment. Appointments run Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. While most of our locations do offer Saturday hours, we generally save them for emergency visits. Patients may be left for the day with prior approval, but must be picked up by 4:30 that day.

​How should I prepare my pet for the MRI appointment?

Veterinary MRI is an anesthetic procedure, so AnimalScan has board certified anesthesiologists at our flagship locations to safely oversee all of the MRI procedures. As with any general anesthesia, the patient should not eat ANYTHING after their last regular evening meal. Patients may have water until they arrive at the facility.

What happens during the MRI appointment?

A typical MRI takes approximately 1-2 hours from patient arrival to departure. Once you arrive you will have a consultation with our veterinary anesthesiologist. Your pets will then be anesthetized and admitted to the MRI. The MRI scan itself will last approximately 30-45 minutes. Once the scan is complete, the patient goes through recovery, which takes on average 30 minutes.

​What happens after the scan?

Within 24 hours, your referring veterinarian will receive a written radiology report from our board certified veterinary radiologist. If your referring veterinarian has requested a STAT read they will have verbal image interpretation within an hour of the scan.