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Outpatient Centers

Because Animal
MRIs are all we do!

One of the reasons we are the undisputed market leader in providing Animal MRI services is Animal MR Imaging is our primary focus at our Outpatient Centers. We are not general practitioners who perform MRIs as an ancillary service – our on-the-ground team only performs this specific service.  Our radiologists and MRI technologists don’t spend time performing other forms of imaging, they don’t have general specialties, and they don’t focus on other veterinary services. Our radiologists and MRI technologists are experts at this specific form of imaging, and in that they are the true experts in their field at managing the scanning process, reading the scans, and presenting the pertinent information in a useful way to your veterinarian or veterinary neurologist.  These centers are also used as a support team to assist our partnership centers with questions about scanning, positioning and anesthesia during business hours.

Because we only use the best!

The technology and equipment that we use is state of the art – the best that is available in the market today. We invest in the acquisition of this equipment because it provides clearer and more effective imaging results, which allow our techs and your veterinary care professional to vastly improve their diagnostic capability. Together, we help find the answers you need to make the right decisions for the animals you love so much.

Why MRI?


Because we put your needs first!

We take pride in our service – committed to making AnimalScan the most convenient and caring MRI diagnostic service available in the market today.
We provide:

Fast Service »

We can provide the diagnostic results of a scan to your care provider within 24 hours. In high-risk or emergency cases, veterinarians can order stat results and receive a verbal image analysis within the hour.

Same day appointments »

If you need us, we will be there to help… TODAY!

Clearer Imaging »

We invest in top-of-the-line equipment because it provides clearer images, which in turn affords your care provider with the most useful information possible.

Answers »

To make the right decisions regarding your animal you must have the most useful information available. Through our systems, we provide the most useful imaging in the marketplace which will help you and your care professional choose the best course of action for your animal.

Expert Analysis »

Our group of radiologists has decades of combined experience reading Animal MRI scans, and because of this you are assured that your care provider will receive the most accurate information from one of our scans possible.

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