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Outpatient Center

AnimalScan is solely dedicated to providing MRI scans for your animals in a warm and friendly environment.  We are one of the most technologically advanced MRI centers available in veterinary medicine; providing state-of-the-art diagnostics and monitoring equipment for faster, higher-quality imaging in the safest environment.  AnimalScan is the world leader in companion animal MRI.*


Our business is built on the foundation of our highly knowledgeable staff.  Our Campbell staff is highly trained by, and work directly with, our board certified anesthesiologist and A.R.R.T. licensed MR technologist to insure we provide the best and safest imaging possible.


Our Board Certified Veterinary radiologists record an unbiased read of the MRI Scan in an official AnimalScan report. Radiologists are the authority MRI interpretation. A neurologist alone is no substitute.


Campbell, CA

910 Dell Avenue

Campbell, CA  95008



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*based on the number of animal MRI scans since 2002 (formerly Iam’s Pet Imaging)