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Redwood City

Our business is built on the foundation of our highly knowledgeable staff. Additionally, our board certified anesthesiologists ensure your pets safety while maintaining a level of anesthesia sufficient to capture motion free images. AnimalScan board certified veterinary anesthesiologists have undergone years of training to become the true experts in their field.

Our A.R.R.T. licensed MR Technologists complete two plus years of school to become proficient in MRI Scanner operation. Their knowledge of physics allows them to perfect and tweak each scan to maximize the information our radiologists need to find the answers.

Our Board Certified Veterinary radiologists record an unbiased read of the MRI Scan in an official AnimalScan report. Radiologists are the authority MRI interpretation. A neurologist alone is no substitute.

934 Charter Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
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