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*Located within the North Carolina, School of Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Hospital.

Scheduling Procedure

To schedule your pet’s MRI we will need a scan request form from your veterinarian which will tell what part of your pet to scan and gives our radiologists and anesthesiologists any necessary information to safely scan your pet and acquire the appropriate images for diagnosis. Additionally, current blood work is required. Your veterinarian can contact us regarding what tests to run before your pet comes for its MRI scan. Once we have this information, then you or your veterinarian can call our office (919-838-5209) to schedule the appointment. We usually have appointments available within 48-72 hours and same day for emergencies. Please keep in mind that we require you to withhold feeding your pet beginning at 10 pm the night before the scan and no water can be given four hours before the scan. Any required medications may be administered in a pill pocket or smallest amount of food the morning of the scan. Please contact us with any questions.

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Services Provided (MRI)

At our outpatient center in Vienna we perform MRI services. Please call 919-838-5209 to determine the location near you that will be best suited for your pet. Benefits of MRI include:

• Bone and soft tissue contrast is 8 times greater than that of X-Ray & CT Scans
• Provide real, not manipulated, multi-planar images
• Reveals the most information to assess the patient’s condition, thereby providing more options in treatment
• Imaging can be performed on all parts of the body; including brain, spine, thoracic, abdominal, & pelvic regions


General Information

(estimated scan times, suggested arrival times, etc)

We recommend you arrive at your scheduled appointment time as we have factored in the time required for you to fill out paperwork and make payment for the scan. Please allow added travel time for rush hour traffic if you have an early morning appointment. Scans average 30 minutes to an hour, occasionally longer, depending on region(s) being scanned. Once the scan is completed your pet will need about 20-30 minutes to recover to the point where he/she can go home. The remainder of the day your pet may be somewhat less active than normal or sleep more than normal and this is to be expected following general anesthesia. Food and water when you get your pet home, in small amounts, are recommended. The radiology report will be sent to your veterinarian the following business day and we send images to your veterinarian the day of the scan.


Customer Documents (Downloads) Microsoft-Word-2013-icon

AnimalScan Client Instructions     AnimalScan Consent Form     MRI Information     Patient / Client Supplemental Information


Location Information

1060 William Moore Drive
Raleigh, NC 27607
Tel: 919-838-5209
Fax: 919-838-5261