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MRI / CT Leasing and Sales

Because we want to offer our clients options AnimalScan also sells and leases MRI, CT and PET/CT Scanners.


If your preference is to purchase your own MR, CT or PET/CT (oncology), we can assist you in the purchase and will offer you a “ turn-key” solution that includes, delivery, installation, set up, applications training and turn over, ready for first patient. In most cases purchased equipment includes a 30 day warranty until it is turned over to a service contract that will be a separate charge. All equipment, whether it be pre-owned or OEM certified, undergo a pre-purchase inspection by qualified engineers to ensure the high quality of equipment being selected. Your purchase will include:

· Site Evaluation

· Equipment Installation

· Zoning Support and Construction Management (added fees)

· Complete Library of Pre-set Veterinary Protocol Loaded

· Applications and Training

· Full standard service available at additions costs


Leasing offers you all of the services we described in the purchase but will also include full standard service with all of the modalities we offer. This can include flexible terms that will allow you the room you need to grow as your business changes along the way. There are options for buy out, extending the lease with even upgrading to a newer system. We also provide the extra flexibility in offering a fee/scan situation along with your lease, allowing your group to partner with AnimalScan in helping your practice and referral base to grow. Leasing includes the following:

· Complete Maintenance & Service

· Chiller & AC Service (Optional Upcharge)

· Veterinary Specific Imaging & Positioning Support

· Flexible Contract Terms (24,36 & 60 month contracts)

· Competitively Priced Radiology Consultations


For more information email us.