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AnimalScan Service and Maintenance Agreements

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  • Dependability

    Regardless of your work demands and office load, consistency with your equipment performance is a prerequisite when it comes to ensuring the best of standards. Should your state-of-the-art system require maintenance, you want things handled quickly and professionally. Our staff work with your schedule to keep technician time optimized and repairs timely and economical.

  • Phone Support

    Technical assistance is available via telephone when a quick response is needed. Our technicians are available to diagnose and provide support.

  • Spare Parts

    All spare parts that are necessary are covered protecting your equipment while also keeping budgetary guidelines in check. Expedited delivery of spare parts provides exclusive treatment for our service clients to maintain equipment uptime. Our service contracts provide releif when it comes to unexpected repair expenses. Benefits include: -OEM Approved Replacement Parts -Recycling of Replacement Parts

  • Guarantees

    With our top level service contract, a full support program is available to ensure equipment efficiency without sacrificing uptime. System glitches and malfunctions can be handled directly by a technician to maintain office dependability. Guarantees on up-time, parts and software updates are available in our service packages. Specialized customer service engineers are available to assist with repairs to get you back in service during times of repair.

  • Time to Respond / Remote Services

    Response time and remote service options are available. Available options include: -Predefined response times based on your service agreement type -Preferred on-site service and support -Online diagnostics, reporting, updates -Online repair and application support

  • Updates / Corrections

    Software and hardware updates help maintain your equipment and keep your system running smoothly. We provide system and status updates as needed with our continuous reporting system. This gives you the assurance that you are up to date and all documentation is recorded to maintain compliance.

  • Quality Assurance

    By performing regularly scheduled inspections, our quality assurance team makes sure all tasks and adjustments keep your equipment consistent and reliable. Your physician relies on high quality images for diagnosis assistance and keeping equipment set to factory specifications is of vital importance. Key benefits include Factory specification adjustments, Quality assurance scheduling and tracking, Image quality inspection and Detailed system documentation.

  • Planned Maintenance

    To ensure optimum and peak performance from your equipment, it is highly recommended that regularly scheduled maintenance is performed. Guaranteed uptime, increased equipment life, system reliability and optimum performance are all benefits of properly maintained equipment.

  • Safety Concerns

    Proper safety inspections are necessary to maintain optimal equipment performance. This is not only true for the equipment itself but also related mechanical and electrical components involved with the entire installation. Specific areas include: -Country-specific tests (radiation levels) -Mechanical safety (such as mechanical and moving parts) -Electrical safety (such as insulation, levels and leakage currents) -Factory worthy documentation of all inspections

  • Special Components

    Keeping your equipment to factory specifications while also staying within budget considerations is a key benefit when it comes to special components such as high cost parts. With special components coverage, expensive repairs are covered should an unexpected, high-cost repair be needed.  Special components covered include Vacuum elements (including image intensifiers, CRTs, pick-up tubes, power tubes and wave guides), Detector Arrays (including CCDs, flat panel detectors, CT detectors, ultrasound transducers), MRI magnets, Nuclear medicine detector crystals, and Lithotripsy shock wave heads.  An optional X-Ray tube coverage service plan is available.