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The Business of Veterinary MRI
How a partnership with AnimalScan compares to equipment leasing.

AnimalScan provides detailed and comprehensive support and operating programs to every one of our partners in order to accelerate your revenue stream and expand your business. Leasing companies leave you on your own while they collect contractual monthly payments from you.

Look at all the integrated support services you get with AnimalScan compared to a typical equipment leasing company. Compare the differences and the difference is clear.



At AnimalScan we work with your practice to create a sustainable and successful Veterinary MRI installation.
While most leasing companies simply provide equipment and collect monthly lease payments, we assist you in the development of a new revenue center that will not only provide you with sustainable financial benefits but will also help you to better service your patients.

AnimalScan is the market leader in Veterinary MRI services because our partnership model offers more features, more support, and a proven model for mutual success. We don’t rent veterinary MRI equipment – instead we build growing partnerships that improve pet care, expand diagnostic services, and empower veterinary practices so they can flourish and prosper.

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