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Who is AnimalScan?

AnimalScan was founded based on the premise that the increased deployment of MRI services in the veterinary space is essential to improving the level of diagnostic care that animals in this country receive.  Along with a few others in this industry who have made MRI the focus of their core offerings, AnimalScan believes that the manageable costs, significant safety improvements, and powerful diagnostic results of this form of imaging offer a significant improvement for the future of veterinary care and will become as prevalent as MRI services for humans as this sub-industry continues to grow.

Where AnimalScan stands apart from any competitors is in the development of its business.  With the fundamental understanding that this market has significant potential, we have deployed a best-in-class service that will allow us to become a national provider of imaging services through the continued growth of our partnership and customer relationships.

We are already the market leaders in animal MRI services, not simply because we have done almost 30,000 scans, but because we have deployed a model that provides our customers access to the best technology, the best people, and the best network of diagnostic care professionals in the industry. We employ Board Certified Radiologists, Board Certified Anesthesiologists, and ARRT Registered MRI Technologists who are experts in the field of veterinary MRI services.

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In addition to our infrastructure, we have also developed a customer-centric platform that recognizes pet owner needs as our primary consideration. We offer same-day scanning services and weekend appointments to our customers, and imaging results to your veterinarian in as little as 24 hours. In high-risk or emergency cases, veterinarians can order stat results and receive a verbal image analysis within the hour.

The goal of AnimalScan is not to simply be the market leader in animal MRI services, but to actually offer our customers the very best service, by simultaneously focusing on the quality and timeliness of our services, and the critical diagnostic needs of our patients. We believe we can continue to build our brand and achieve our goal of being a national provider of these necessary services to animals everywhere by rigorously maintaining the highest standards of care, accuracy, and comfort for our customer’s pets.

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