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Career Opportunities

AnimalScan operates with six animal MRI centers across the country. Whether you are seeking a per diem, locum, part time or are interested in a full time position, you will find a challenging and rewarding experience here. All of our MRI centers operate with a staff consisting of a receptionist, licensed Veterinary Technician, ARRT Registered MRI Technologist and a Medical Director who is a Veterinarian Anesthesiologist. This professional team of individual employees provides a specialized diagnostic test to assist in the advanced knowledge of animal medicine. Since we have a small team in each of our centers we are always seeking for individuals who would be interested in per diem/locum position to sufficiently complete our team while a full time employee is out of the facility.

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How to Apply

Download, print and complete the following application:

AnimalScan Employment Application pdficon_large


Return your completed application to:

Dana Guffy

Director of Human Resources
610-317-1515 fax

Available Positions

Current per diem/locum positions available at this time:


Experienced ARRT Registered MRI Technologist

Experienced ARRT registered MRI Technologist in the San Francisco, CA, Vienna, VA and Raleigh, NC areas.

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Experienced Veterinary Technician

Experienced Veterinary Technician with anesthetic management and vital signs monitoring of companion animals.

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AnimalScan is always searching for a per diem receptionist for our busy veterinary MRI facilities in the San Francisco, CA, Vienna, VA and Raleigh, NC areas.

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