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James J. Stuppino, B.S., R.T. (R) (MR)

Mr. Stuppino received his Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in management from College Misericordia in 1990. As president & CEO of AnimalScan, Mr. Stuppino directly oversees all facility operations, new site development, infrastructure development, and internal management. Throughout his career he has become an expert in both animal and human MRI practices and is a nationally recognized speaker and writer in this discipline. He has developed a successful human MRI practice in Warren Radiology MRI, LLC, as well as AnimalScan.

In addition to his involvement with Siemens Medical Systems’ testing of new hardware and software, he has also co-authored multiple research projects on MRI practices – winning awards from the Radiologic Society of North America. Currently, he and AnimalScan are working with the Marine Mammal Center in California to provide MR Imaging of the California Sea Lions for detection of Domoic Acid Toxicity. Mr. Stuppino is a Policy Board Member of the SMRT and was the technologist representative on the MRI Sub-committee from the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).

In addition to his research and practical experience, Mr. Stuppino is also an active member of academia where he has taught classes geared towards preparing students for the ARRT MRI Boards at multiple academic institutions while continuing to lecture nationally with numerous prestigious organizations. Under his leadership, AnimalScan has experienced rapid growth over the past three years and has become the largest service provider in the industry.

Michael DeFrancesco

Michael J. DeFrancesco is Chief Financial Officer of AnimalScan, LLC.  He graduated from Misericordia University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a double minor in accounting and management .

With his love for athletics, Mr. DeFrancesco became a sales representative in 2001 for Varsity Gold, Inc., the top fundraising company in the nation for high school sports programs. Mr. DeFrancesco’s immediate success at Varsity Gold enabled him to become the company’s youngest regional sales manager in its history at just 23 years old; his sales team had raised over $1.4 million by 2005. In 2006, he left Varsity Gold and established All Star Funding, Inc., and The Funding Zone, LLC. As Chief Financial Officer, Michael DeFrancesco has guided all of AnimalScan’s entities to tremendous success and profitability. He has played an instrumental role in AnimalScan’s budgeting & cost management, cost analysis, sales, marketing as well as their growth and expansion strategies.  He has been the driving force behind a complete financial restructuring of the former IAMS entities which has lead them from major losses to profitability.

William Cain

William has over 13 years of experience in business building in both the private equity space and the management consulting industry. In that time he has been responsible for assisting companies of varying sizes and demography in efficiently developing operations in a way that streamlines growth and advances organizational value. His background in these areas are very important to his position at AnimalScan where he is responsible for developing vital links between our diverse business units and creating an environment where they can all effectively work together.

Lara Warren
(Development Coordinator)

Lara has an extensive background in the animal health industry that includes assisting in general practice, distribution sales and manufacture sales. While her main focus is national marketing and business development for AnimalScan she specializes in new scanner launch locations.

Dana Guffy
(Director of Human Resources)

Dana runs not only the human resources division at AnimalScan, but also the entire corporate office. She will also be the point of contact when you partner with AnimalScan for staff recruiting services.